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Over the years, I specialised in Information Security. I was initially drawn into the field by doing project work where security was particularly relevant. I developed experience from a hands-on perspective, and decided to consolidate it in a Master Degree in Information Security from Royal Holloway. My Master thesis received the David Lindsey Memorial price of the British Computer Society for best security thesis of 2002. Also, I am

Over the years I performed many security consulting and review assignments in a variety of organisational, technical and political settings. These included a.o. These assignment were performed for public and private sector clients. Methodologies were either public domain methodologies such as ISO (27001, 15408) or CRAMM, PwC's proprietary (e.g. Nora-Network-Oriented-Risk-Analysis, SPT-Security-Penetration-Testing), or ISF (e.g. IRAM, Sara, Sprint). I can't devote enough time to it, but I still like to develop software.

Regarding electronic identity and trust, I participated in a.o.


I'm also familiar with Information Security Management and ISO 27001. To find out more about my areas of expertise, contact me or have a look at the other sections. For more information on the British Computer Society's David Lindsay Memorial, visit the BCS website.

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