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TrustZone is the name of the security architecture in the Arm A-profile architecture. TrustZone provides two execution environments with system-wide hardware enforced isolation between them. Intel SGX is Intel's counterpart.



Integrated as SoC.





Samsung Knox is a proprietary security framework pre-installed on most Samsung mobile devices. Its primary purpose is to provide organizations with a toolset for managing work devices, such as employee mobile phones or interactive kiosks. Knox provides more granular control over the standard work profile to manage capabilities found only on Samsung devices.

Knox Suite is a consolidated business offering from Samsung that includes four Knox enterprise solutions — Knox Manage, Knox Platform for Enterprise, Knox Mobile Enrollment (bulk enrolment of devices), and Knox E-FOTA (firmware OTA without user intervention).

SE for Android

SE for Android provides a Mandatory Access Control (MAC) over traditional Discretionary Access Control (DAC) environments. SE for Android can grant special privileges based specific EMM policies. In DAC environments, since SE for Android controls access of kernel resources, certain apps may not run as intended. Samsung’s MAC feature allows your apps to run properly alongside SE for Android.

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