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Basics on EU

Two core functional treaties were instrumental in the creation of the EU. They are: There are a number of satellite treaties. The treaties have been repeatedly amended by other treaties since they were first signed. The consolidated version of the two core treaties is regularly published by the European Commission.

EU structure

Processes, programs and projects: Critical voices: Aggregated information:

COE - Council of Europe


  • Council of the European Union
  • Council of the European Union (or Consilium) - legislative body in co-decision - Herman Van Rompuy/Donald Tusk
  • Council configurations include: Preparatory bodies include:
  • eTendering platform of the Consilium
  • EP - European Parliament
  • ECJ (Curia)- European Court of Justice, is the supreme court of the European Union in matters of European Union law
  • Eurojust - coordination of investigations and prosecutions between the competent authorities in the Member States - predecessor of European Public Prosecutor’s Office
  • European Public Prosecutor's Office (EPPO)
  • ECA - European Court of Auditors
  • EDPB - European Data Protection Board
  • Economic and Social Committee
  • Committee of the Regions
  • European Investment Bank
  • European Ombudsman
  • Agencies of the European Union
  • EU ECB and finance

    Refer also to EU regulations and roles European PPP collaboration European collaboration with the Mediterranean area

    EU programs and research

    EU outreach and aid

    EU publications

  • EU-Belgian Permanent Representation - Archimedesstraat 73 Brussels
  • EU EP parties

    EU sundry